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Fashion icon of the month is coco chanel

coco chanel Coco Chanel, this name is very well known and reputed in fashion industry around the world and the brand called Chanel is the well-known luxury brand, which is favorable for the luxury fashion lovers. Luxury fashion is increasing and its creating impact in the world and fashion is mainly ruled by the European countries. Chanel is known for her social life and ambition. She was achieved financial success as the businesswoman in French High society. Hal Vaughen publishes a book on Chanel. She was born in 1883 and…

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Luxury Fashion brands and you say wow

Luxury Fashion brands and you say wow Luxury Brands are very popular around the world, these brands are most famous among the higher class of people in the society. Very few people can afford these products due to high cost and relevancy. Most of the luxury brands are from the European countries and USA. Like Chanel, Louis Vuitton etc. These brands are mostly from Italy or France. Below are some of the most famous and powerful luxury fashion brands from around the world. Chanel Chanel is the high luxury fashion…

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