palate fest Food 

Palate fest in New Delhi

Palate Fest Palate fest is the biggest food festival in India and this is Organized by the Hindustan Times since many years, it’s continuously getting organized and this is very popular among Delhi heights and this is also a music and fun festival, many popular music bands and celebrities are making their presence in this food and music festival. This year this palate fest has been organized from 17th Nov to 19th Nov 2017 and many popular music bands, Bollywood celebrities, and famous chefs are making their presence in this…

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Zara Fashion 

ZARA is now Online and new fight begins

ZARA is now Online ZARA is online and the wait is over for the ZARA lovers, who love to buy online and this is also beginning new competition in the Indian fashion e-commerce industry, this going to be very competitive for the Indian e-commerce because ZARA is one of the most popular brands of the world and this is very popular among the youth. Most of the fashion lovers in India are youth and they love to buy stuff from ZARA. ZARA is very fast in its distribution and logistics,…

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fashion industry Fashion 

Fashion industry around the world

Fashion industry around the world The fashion industry is growing very rapidly around the world and newcomers who are coming in this industry, they are very much talented and committed towards their work and their passion. If we say fashion industry now the choice of the middle class also and people are now taking interest in fashion industry. The fashion industry is mainly ruled by the European countries but now it’s spreading around the world mainly in the Asian countries, which is growing fast in fashion industries. The fashion industry…

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Fashion icon Lady_Gaga Fashion 

Fashion icon of the month Lady Gaga

Fashion icon of the month Lady Gaga Fashion icon , Lady Gaga is very much known for her fashion styling and she is one of the most popular pop singers around the world. If we talk about her fashion, she is always in new look for her fans and fans like her new experiments. Lady Gaga is famous around the world due to her boldness and her style statement and people who love pop songs, they must know the lady gaga and her style, she is always trying to be…

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Toilet ek Prem katha Entertainment 

Toilet ek prem Katha impacted on the mind of Indians

Toilet ek prem katha Toilet ek prem Katha, this is the movie of a Bollywood super star Akshay Kumar and if you are the fan of him then you must watch this film, there are many reasons to watch this movie. This film is also appreciated by the prime minister of India because this film is based on one of the main issues of India. This film is connected with the rural India and this is also very much connected with the people of India. This film is getting the…

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Most Beautiful faces of the world

Most Beautiful faces of the world Most Beautiful faces of the world, this always creates curiosity in our mind, there are many faces of the world who rule on the heart of the people, but today we are revealing the most beautiful faces of the world which is must be on your list. If we see the faces of entertainment industries in the world , they are almost all faces are charming and beautiful but only some of faces can make ann impression in your mind. Many people have their…

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Bollywood fashion divas-Bollywood Entertainment 

Bollywood fashion divas

Bollywood fashion Divas Bollywood has many actresses who are the fashion icons of the world, they are created their own image in the industry. It’s always the pleasure to talk about the Bollywood beauties in today’s world Bollywood is getting spread around the world and this is the very proud moment for the Bollywood. Now Bollywood stars are reaching to the Hollywood, the actors like Priyanka Chopra, Irrfan Khan etc and they are showing very good temperament and passion. Bollywood is always known for its beauty and acting and these…

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Funny-dialogues-make-it-fun-waysource-filmibeat Entertainment 

Funny dialogues make it fun way

Funny dialogues make it fun way Funny dialogues are the way to get entertained in a funny way, there are many dialogues in movies look perfect in the other situation of the entertainment industry or in the real life situations, below are some of the funniest encryption of the entertainment industry situations. Below are some of the funniest dialogues encription of the entertainment industry

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