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Top places to travel in Switzerland

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Top places to travel in Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the most beautiful country in the world and its beauty is mesmerized the travellers. This country is also known for its luxuryious hospitality. here you can get most luxuryious hotels of the world and world class tourists accommodations.
Many places in Switzerland which can be count under top places to travel in Switzerland. Switzerland land is one of the peaceful countries in the world with great weather and popular tourism opportunities.
This is one of the most famous country for tourism and most of its economic revenue is based on tourism . Switzerland is asmall country but here you get the things which is totally unbeatable.
This country is full of beautiful mountain peaks and glaciers which increases the beauty of this country and Switzerland is full of greenery due to which here you can get the fresh and healthy atmosphere.
Swiss foods are very famous around the world and especially its surprises the travellers with its taste and beauty of the Swiss food items.
Switzerland is full of beautiful surprises for travellers with affordable and beautiful transport system of this country . In this country you don’t need to travel very long to see the beauty of this country, this country is full of snowy mountain peaks and beautiful greenery places with clean water resources and lakes.
Here you can see the beautiful countryside of this country with lots of surprises and new things . Here you can enjoy hiking , famous festivals and see the beauty of nature.
Switzerland is perfect for traveling , this country have low crime rate , awesome weather whole year , all time traveling destination.

The jungfrau Region

The Jungfraujoch is one of the most famous peak in Europe. This can offer advanture traveling for tourists and mountaineers which you never forget this awesome experience.
Jungfraujoch is very popular around the world for its adventurous destinations .
This has the highest railway station of the country and this is very famous for its space like weather , which attracts the tourists. This places has many restaurants and hotels and many wonderful places for the tourists.

Lake Genewa and surrounding cities

Genewa have headquartere of more than 200 international organisations including United Nations. This is one of the most famous and favourite city of international organisations and international group meetings. This is one of the most secured city in the world due to international importance of this city.
Genewa is a very beautiful city which attracts the people from around the world. Lake Genewa is one of the most popular places to travel in Switzerland which is surounded by Genewa in the West and surrounded by Lausanne in the east , which is totally beautiful and increases its beauty.
Genewa is full of luxuryious hotels and high class business and political hoses due to this place has unique place in world politics and Development.
Top places to travel in Switzerland is ranked by the rating and favourite places of tourists and result of the surveys of places , cleanliness, facilities for tourists, how secure is the places etc. Swiss government is very serious about the tourism and most of the jobs in Switzerland is dependent on tourism this is one of the biggest sector of employment in Switzerland.
Lake Genewa provides mesmerising experience for tourists. this is one of the most beautiful lake in the world and its beauty is increases with beautiful ferries , paddle steamers and boats , you can enjoy parties and especially you can enjoy Swiss wine with great pleasing atmosphere. Lake Genewa is surounded with great facilities for tourists and with the greenery of this beautiful country.
Below are some of the top places to travel in Switzerland

Matterhorn , Zermatt

Matterhorn is one of the most visited places in Switzerland and this is most famous for photographic view. This is one of the most beautiful mountain in Switzerland and this is favourite of tourists.
Matterhorn is famous for mountaineering here famous mountaineers are comes every year to see and become part of adventures.
This is standing like a border of Switzerland and Italy . Matterhorn has the height of 4,478 meters , which increases the beauty of this mountain and this is covered with snow and glaciers.
Matterhorn is studied by many naturalists in eighteenth and nineteenth century which increases the natural importance of this mountain.
Matterhorn is one of the deadliest peaks in the world which makes it unique about this peak. This peak is unclimbed till 19th century.

Swiss National Park , Zernez

Swiss National Park is the largest reserved national in Switzerland. This is highly protective area for wild life with very strict laws due to which it is listed in UNESCO Biosphere reserve.
This is one of the most earliest park of Europe , which is founded on 1st August 1914. This national park is full of scenery, glaciers, waterfalls and woodlands , this can be a great new experience for you. Park have 21 hiking routes which can be a great for the adventure travellers.
Swiss National Park have highest security level with proper protection for the environment, here you are not allowed to take anything from the park , dogs are not allowed, not allowed to disturb animals and plants due to which this park is very much protected from the world.
Swiss National park is one of the top places to travel in Switzerland and due to which , this is favourite visiting place of tourists.


Zurich is one of the most beautiful place in Switzerland and one of the most fplace to live . This is the cultural hub of Switzerland. Here has many top places to see , this city hosts beautiful street parade , biggest European Rave parties.
This city is very well known for its night life and historically heritage beautiful city. Zurich has more than 50 museums and more than 100 art galleries and this shows how much this city is connected with its historical roots.
Zurich is not only urban but you can connect with beautiful rural areas of Switzerland. You can reach beautiful cities and places of Switzerland from Zurich through its world-class transport system.

Rhine Falls

This is the Europe’s largest waterfall , it is very much famous for its natural beauty. The Rhine falls is located at the border between cantons and Zurich. These falls are with 23 meters of height and 150 meters wider , this is one of the most beautiful falls in the world. You can see Rhine falls with boat trips and this is very much easily connected with excellent Swiss transport system . Here you can get the good parking lots at the both sides of the falls and you can get many other facilities for the tourists. This place is very famous since 19th century due to which government helps to increase tourism here.

There are many other great places to see in Switzerland, we will let you know about it in our next updates.

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