Gurmeet Ram Rahim to know about him

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Gurmeet Ram Rahim to know about him

Gurmeet Ram Rahim is now in the jail and he is sentenced to 20 years and now this is the biggest question who will be the successor of Gurmeet and this is the rumors, the lady with Gurmeet, will be the successor of Gurmeet but as per some media reports she is facing some charges and police is started investigation. Now, this is the question behind all this actions and reactions of the people before and after the verdict against Gurmeet Ram Rahim.

Now police are started investigations of ashrams of Gurmeet Ram Rahim and now everyday we are getting some new facts about the Gurmeet and now it will be interesting to see what will happen to the Dera Sacha Sauda. Now we are getting news about Gurmeet, he was very badly behaved with the people who work with them or work in the ashram.

Gurmeet has very large property and followers, now the further question is can government take all the dera sacha sauda’s property? because there are many babas in India who has a large amount of property.

Dera sacha sauda was established on 29 April 1948, this is Non-profit social welfare and spiritual organization.And founded by Mastana Balochistani

Now we talk about who is Gurmeet Ram Rahim

Gurmeet Ram Rahim is known as the spiritual person, he has millions of followers around the world from different religions.

He is the head of the social welfare society dera sacha sauda , now he is convicted to 20 years of the sentence for his rape with two shadhawis.

The life of Gurmeet Ram Rahim is very much into controvercy because of his some facts of his life. The biggest part of his social life, as he has many followers who want to do anything for him.

Due to judgment for Gurmeet Ram Rahim, the Northen region of India has reported much violence and till today there are almost 36 people have died due to violence.

Now her daughter honeypreet kaur is also in jail and she is on police remand for the inquiry about the Ram Rahim and dera sacha sauda.

Now in the latest development in dera saccha sauda, Ram Rahim’s son is now appointed the head of dera saccha sauda.

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