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Fast fashion in the era of globalization

Fast fashion in the era of globalization

Fast fashion is getting globalized very quickly and this is due to then quickly changing the mindset of the people.
fashion is getting changed in every six months and due to fast fashion, it is now changing in every 2-3 months. Fast fashion means how quickly fashion is getting changed and delivery people from Ramp to the retail stores and in this fast fashion Zara and LVMH is leading the fashion industry.

Fast fashion was started from the European fashion hub mainly from the France and Italy. These fast fashion is evolving very fast in the new culture and people are accepting these changes and this is the main reason for the success in fast fashion.

In Europen countries fashion is changing very rapdily, if we go through the history of fashion, it was first we get the meaning of fashion from the European countries.

fashion is getting evolving in every season but now this is the era of this fashion and its changing very rapidly.Today fashion is getting more colorful and fashion is revising the same old day’s fashion in a different way.

This fashion is into the discussion among the environmentalists because according to the research this fashion is not good for the environment and this is one of the biggest reason in European countries for the pollution and other environment-related issues.

currently, fast fashion is getting global very quickly but we must be aware of our environment.

most of the organization enforcing for the slow fashion which is environment-friendly but in today’s generation, most of the young fashion lovers like fast and trendy fashion due to which slow fashion is struggling to get the position.

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