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Coldest places to travel in the world

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Coldest places to travel in the world

Coldest places to travel in the world ,earth is full of adventurous and unpredictable things. It has different types of climates at different places and according to weather, different types of creatures are developed and developed creatures , changed themselves according to environment. This is similar to darwins theory of evolution.

Many places on earth those are very difficult to survive for human being and these places are the coldest places to travel but animals are easily adjusted themselves according to environment. Many places are using by the researchers to research about environment.

Our environment has many secrets which needs to revel to study. Earth have many places which is difficult to survive but these places are very much known for its very unique climate conditions which serves as a good to maintain the average temperature of our earth.

Today we are going to let you know the coldest places to travel in the world which are difficult to survive but animals and humans are adopted themselves according to environment. But these places are very much worthy for the travelers and worthy for the adavanture travelers.
Here you know why these places are truly advantarous for the travel lovers.

Snag , Canada

Canada is a very large country and this is one of the great thing about Canada. This is one of the favourite country for immigrants and this country has very beautiful and energetic weather. Snag is a small village , which is located near Alaska highway , Yukon, Canada. This is one of the coldest place in the world. Most of the lowest temperature is get recorded in January. Lowest temperature is recorded in North America is -63 in 1947.
This is one of the coldest places to travel in the world with lots of advanture and fun to travel adventure travellers.

Astana , kazkisthan

Astana is the second coldest city , this city can record temperature between -25 to -35 in winters . This city is very much cold and here population is greater than 7,00,000. This is the second most coldest capital city. This city has dry winter which is extremely cold and during November to April city’s rivers are frozen. But still this city is very beautiful for travellers.

h3> Narsarsuaq, Greenland

This is one of the coldest place in Greenland this place is full of great hills and hiking places . This place is very much perfect for the travellers. This place is perfect for the hikers , most of the time , this place is very much favourable for the travellers. This place is favourite for explorers and historians. Here winters chill weather is worth to visit for the travelers. This place has many beautiful places.

Hornstrandir Nature Reserve, Iceland

This place is situated in northernmost of pinensuala in Iceland . This is one of the largest isolated place on earth. This nature reserve is mostly untouched by civilisation. This park has stunning hiking trails. This is very famous for the adventure travel lovers. Most of the time here temperature is very cold and this is the best thing about this place which makes it unique.

Yakutsk , Russia

Russia is always known for its cold weather. Yakutsk has hard and very severe winter season , here temperature in winters between -30 to -40 degree . Here more than 2,00,000 population survives every year. Here winters comes early in compare to other parts of the world due to this place is very near to the Arctic circle. Due to this here winters are very hard to survive but if you want to do a adventure traveling then this place is very much perfect for you. Here you can get good support from local people.

Ulaanbaatar , Mongolian

In Ulaanbaatar , winters are very harsh and very difficult to survive , here temperature can dipped to more than – 35 . Here more than 1.3 million people can survive with difficulties in winter season they can also face the problems of harsh air pollution during winter season. The people live in tent like houses and they burn coal for the heating , this is very difficult to survive and people who has their houses , they can stay in their homes. Now government is making houses for the people , those who lives in tent .

Yellowknife , Canada

Yellowknife is one of the coldest place in Canada. This is situated in northwest of Canada. Yellowknife is more than 500 kms away from the arcetic circle , this place has very severe cold weather during winters , in winters here temperature is dipped to -30 degrees Celsius during in the month of January. Canada is know for its nice weather for traveling and this place is favourite for the adventure travellers. This place is the home of more than 20,000 people . Yellowknife is known as the coldest city of Canada. This city had been recorded recored coldest -51 degrees Celsius in 1947 . This city has also nice and clear long nights during month of November to April.

Vostok , Antarctica

Vostok is one of the most coldest place on earth. This place is located around 1000 kilometres from South Pole, this place is very much isolated from the rest of the world , only reachers and scientists are stay there , this is world’s most isolated research station on earth. This place is very much dangerous for our health but this place is heaven for the adventure travelers , those who likes to travel different places on earth. This place has temperature dip to – 130 degree Celsius, which is very much dangerous for our health. Here winters are driest and difficult to survive for people.
This is coldest place to travel in the world and this is one of the coldest places survive for your life , here struggling for life is very hard and traveling to this place and staying at this places is very tough. In winter here you can’t get sunshine between May to August. But when you get the Sunshines in other weather then it will be more than 22 hrs of daily sunshine. This place is popular for scientific research.

Harbin , China

Harbin city is known as the ice city due to its long winter season. This city has normally winters temperature is between -20 to -25 degrees Celsius. This city hosts many international ice festivals and fests. This is one of the coldest places to travel in the world with great fun with festivals , you never forget this place when you once visited this place. This city have the population of more than 20 million which organises the largest ice festival in the world. Harbin’s coldest temperature is dip to -40 degrees Celsius. Harbin is known as the longest and most coldest places in china.

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