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Wonderful Digital Marketing Stats, which are Absolutely Stunning

76% of People have the mindset that marketing has changed more in the past two years than it did in almost 50 years of time. The loading times of mobile are way behind the 2second target. Only 47% of users agree to the fact that mobile advertisers are providing a positive experience while 85% of mobile advertisers think the same. Out of the total digital ad spend by 2019, mobile will account for 72%. Within the last year, 60% of people have started using voice search. Google searches organic results…

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5 Reasons Why Attending a Workshop is Essential

There are lots of instances when you have witnessed some advertisements related to workshops and thought to yourself that you would love to attend it. But every time such opportunities or instances occur every time you turn it down by some of the other excuses. There are lots of excuses some time the genuine ones and many times the ones which should have been avoided. Life is busy and it would always be, you will always have one or the other things to do along with time. It’s hard to…

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Google upcoming projects

Google projects Google projects are highly technologically advanced and now it is focusing on Artificial intelligence. Google is one of the most reputed companies in the world and they are very much used their resources into research and development and now they are going to start ten new projects which is very beneficial for the human and this is the future generation technologies which totally change our lives. These innovations are mostly artificial intelligence enabled which is show the power of technology. These projects are the revolution in terms of…

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