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Google upcoming projects

Google projects Google projects are highly technologically advanced and now it is focusing on Artificial intelligence. Google is one of the most reputed companies in the world and they are very much used their resources into research and development and now they are going to start ten new projects which is very beneficial for the human and this is the future generation technologies which totally change our lives. These innovations are mostly artificial intelligence enabled which is show the power of technology. These projects are the revolution in terms of…

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Mysterious places on the earth Others 

Mysterious places on the earth

Mysterious places on the earth Mysterious places, these are the places which scare us because these places are unbelievable which is very horrible and beautiful for the human. These places are one of the most magical and mysterious places on the earth. If you are thinking to go there then you must have the strong heart and you are ready to get something weird. These are the favorite places for the adventure lovers and these places are worth to see and live your adventurous life. When talking about the places…

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Red carpet dresses of Bollywood celebrities

Red carpet dressed Bollywood celebrities Red carpet dresses , this is the most awaiting moment of the Bollywood celebrities , They always try to be in news and this is perfect moment for them to show up their beauty to the media or the world and catch the attention of their fans. Most of the Bollywood celebrities get famous due to their looks on Red carpet ceremonies. Below are some Red carpet dresses of the Bollywood celebrities

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Sexy actresses around the world

Sexy actresses around the world Sexy actresses , this is very tough question to be answer because now these days every actress is damn sexy , now but today we are going to show the list of those actresses who are known for her sex appeal in the entertainment industry these actresses are beauty with brain. Below are some of the most sexiest actresses from around the world , check this out

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