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Fall Wardrobe Must-Haves – 5 Fantastic Finds Under $50

Fashionistas – your favorite season is back! As the hot summer days wind down, it’s time to put away the sundresses and beach bags and start gearing up for Fall. The chilly weather is the perfect time to have fun with layers, while still enjoying the occasional opportunity to show some skin on, particularly warm days. Break out the jackets, sweaters and ankle boots, and welcome nature’s most colorful season! Looking autumnal doesn’t have to break the bank. We’ve curated 5 essential must-haves for your wardrobe, all for under $50!…

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6 Awesome Reasons Why You Should Try Peel-off Face Masks

There are huge varieties of skincare trends which changes with the change in time but peel-off face masks have been in the limelight for quite some time. The most important thing related to peel-off face masks is pampering your skin to get a flawless skin. And, when this happens to be right in the comfort of your own home similar to the professional spa experience, it isn’t that bad. Face masks are the most useful resource for tackling the worst of your skincare struggles whether you are dealing with stressed-out…

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Sustainable fashion in summer

Sustainable fashion in summer Sustainable fashion is always the first choice for the summer season and the best part of this, people are very much aware of what to wear in the summers season and this is good for the awareness about the fashion. Summer is the best season to show your stylish look and be fashionable and most of the designers are makes most of their designs for the summer seasons , if we look for the history of fashion designing, then we see that their most of the…

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Summer wears to get trendy and sustainability Fashion 

Summer wears to get trendy and sustainability

Summer wears, this is the best season to show your fashion and styling because summers wears are the most trendy and stylish than other seasonal clothes. Now this summer wear is now moving towards sustainability and most of the high fashion apparels are now n pure cotton or khadi, fashion designers now thinking about fashion sustainability. Summer wears are getting trendy these days and people are getting more fashion conscious and they are also looking for sustainability, many international brands are now moving towards sustainable and recycled garments and this…

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Fashion Trends going on the floor

Fashion Trends going on Fashion trends are always changing and we must be changed according to trends, this decade is the era of fashion and everybody wants to be with the trends. Fashion is also a mirror of your personality. today we are going to show you some trending fashion. There are many websites which are using the current fashion trends and we are filtering for you from those of fashion trends which are loved by this young generation. There are many luxury fashion brands which are using them and…

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India’s First Gender Neutral Fashion Label

India’s First Gender Neutral Fashion Label India’s First Gender Neutral Fashion, yes this is true a neutral fashion label launched by the 26 years old fashion-blogger-designer Purushu Arie and this brand is also promoting the freedom of choice for self. Purushu’s clothing line celebrates neutrality of race, age, appearance and every other cultural conditioning and differences. His commitment towards slow and sustainable fashion philosophy, Purushu’s unconventional fashion label will retail limited edition ungendered capsule collections in natural handloom textiles. collections Beyond Binary Beyond Binary envisions birth of non-conforming pluralist energy…

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Fast fashion in the era of globalization

Fast fashion in the era of globalization Fast fashion is getting globalized very quickly and this is due to then quickly changing the mindset of the people. fashion is getting changed in every six months and due to fast fashion, it is now changing in every 2-3 months. Fast fashion means how quickly fashion is getting changed and delivery people from Ramp to the retail stores and in this fast fashion Zara and LVMH is leading the fashion industry. Fast fashion was started from the European fashion hub mainly from…

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New style and new passion are coming in indian fashion industry

New style and new passion New Style and New passion are now hitting the floor of Indian fashion industry, Indian fashion industry is getting global by many designers from India. They are showing their talent around the world, it’s mostly in European countries and its getting expansion day after day. Indian fashion industry is in growing phase and slowly its getting recognizing by the big international fashion platforms and this is boosting the confidence of the new talents and many fashion brands are especially organising the fashion weeks for new…

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Fashion icon of the month is coco chanel

coco chanel Coco Chanel, this name is very well known and reputed in fashion industry around the world and the brand called Chanel is the well-known luxury brand, which is favorable for the luxury fashion lovers. Luxury fashion is increasing and its creating impact in the world and fashion is mainly ruled by the European countries. Chanel is known for her social life and ambition. She was achieved financial success as the businesswoman in French High society. Hal Vaughen publishes a book on Chanel. She was born in 1883 and…

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India Fashion week _2017-snoophuk Fashion 

India Runway week 2017 and its show time

India Runway week 2017 India runway week is one of the top runway weeks of India, this promotes the young and talented young fashion designers in New Delhi, India. This is excellent Platform for the young designers of India. This is the biannual trade event which is organized especially for the young talented fashion designers. this India runway week is organized by the Indian Federation for Fashion Development(FDDI). This is India’s one of the top fashion week, so this is very much covered by the media and many celebrities use…

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