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Top wine brands in the world

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Top wine brands in the world

Wine lovers are increasing very rapidly in the world especially in young generation . Wine is favourite for party lovers especially in European and American countries. There are many types of wine which is vary famous among wine lovers. This is the way to share your happiness and joy with others. Wine is known as the high class party drink due to its luxuryious history and this is mostly gt served in high class parties and this is the greatness of this drink.
European countries are mostly famous for its wine and Italy is known for wine and famous . This is very much connected with the culture of European countries.
Top wine brands in the world are mostly from the European countries like France , Italy , UK etc due to making of wine is very much connected with their culture and here framers are very much aware about making of wine and how to produce great quality farming for wine products.
Now asian countries are also getting involved in love of wine brands. This is getting popular in south asian countries like india.
Today we are going to discuss top wine brands in the world.

Conch y toro

This is Chilean brand and very famous around the the world. Conch is one of the highest selling brand in the world and this make this brand people’s favourite. This brand is growing very fast in terms of total revenue and profits.
Today company known for its modern approach but always connected to its basic brands.


Barefoot is the most famous brand in the world with greate popularity. This is most liked bottled brand in the world and this popularity is continuously increasing every year. This brand is known for its quality And its spreading its wing around the world.


Gallo is very favourite brand. This is California based brand and this brand is growing very fast. Gallo is founded in 1933 and its headquarter is in California. This brand is started by the two brothers and by 1993 Gallo become the one the top brand in USA with 25% of total share of the market.

Sutter Home

This brand is introduced to white Zinfandel in 1970s. This was a very big hit in the US market.
This company added “Red Blend” in 2014 . Contries like Canada , Ireland , Poland are the biggest export market of Sutter home.

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