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Top restaurants in Italy

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Top restaurants in Italy

Italy is known for its luxuryious lifestyle , this country is mainly popular for its luxuryious fashion and famous restaurants. Italy has many top resturants in the world these restaurants are the true example of luxuryious italian culture. These top resturants have many world class facilities for their guests. Fooding is very much attached with Italian culture and lifestyle. Italy is one if the most wealthy countries in the world and this effect is reflects in it’s beautiful restaurants which respects the Italian culture. There are so many cuisines to
explore in Italy and here you have get the local delicious food items and many more places to explore.
Italian restaurants have unique interiors which mesmerized visiters and italian restaurants are shows the luxuryious culture of Italy which attracts visitors from around the world.
There are many hubs are famous for fooding in Italy which serves you among the best food items of the world. Most famous cities for fooding in Italy are Florence, milan etc.
Italian restaurants are one of the most beautiful restaurants in the world , they are totally connected with classic italian culture and modern luxuryious culture of Italy. And you can also note something about these restaurants are their buildings architecture are very much connected with the italian culture.

Combal.Zero (Rivoli)

This Italian restaurant is in Rivoli by chef Davide Scabin. is very innovative restaurant which creates different types of tasty cuisines , this restaurant is always in the list of top 100 restaurants in the world which , this shows the quality of this resturant. When this restaurant is open in 1994 , its name was Combel then in year 2000 , its name has been changed as Combel.Zero. This restaurant many times got voted among top 100 top resturants in the world. Combel.Zero is very much famous around the world due to its innovative and experimental cuisines particularly like ” Cyber Egg”. This restaurant is also known for taste of its cuisines which totally follow the Italian luxuryious culture.

Dal Pascatore(Runate)

Dal Pascatore is known for authentic italian cooking. Here you can get traditional dishes with modern touch and this reflects the culture of italian food. This resturant is in Canneto , Italy. Dal Pascatore was established in 1925. The current owner of this restaurant is Santini family and the chefs are Bruna Santini , Nadia Santini and Giovanni Santini.
Thus restaurant is voted as top 50 restaurants in the world in 2009. Quality of this restaurant is increasing every year with total italian luxuryious culture. Dal Pascatore is notable for its many famous dishes like Parmesan , amaretto etc.

Da Vittorio (Brusaporto)

This restaurant is located in Relais & Chateaux resort . Da Vittori restaurant was opened by Vittorio Cerea with his wife Bruna in 1966. Da Vittorio is opened in Bergamo’s town centre. Fish dishes of this restaurant helped very much to grow this resturant in early days fish dishes are not usual to find fish in the menu.
Soon this restaurant was becomes popular and this becane the favourate place for the visitors and this was the essential phase of this restaurant to becomes the one of the top restaurants in Italy.
In 2010 this restaurant was becomes very popular and one of the top restaurants in italy.

Enoteca Pinchiorri (Florence)

This restaurant is famous for its innovative Italian food items. Enoteca Pinchiorri is one of the most innovative italian food restaurant which created many delicious cuisines through its innovative italian cooking. This restaurant is in Florence , which is based in italy. Annie Feodle and Giorgio Pinchiorri are the owners of this restaurant and the famous chefs of thisrestaurant are Riccardo , Annie and Italo , these chefs are very famous for this restaurant and this is one of the great thing about this restaurant.
This restaurant has got many international awards for its best services in 2008 , this restaurant had been voted as 32nd best restaurant in the world by British Restaurant magzine and this is one of the best thing about this restaurant. Other achievements of this restaurant is , this restaurant is awarded as the wine spectator grand award since 1984 and this is also been awarded three stars since 1993 and these awards are showing up the great quality of thisresturant which is recognised around the world.
This is among the top restaurant in the world with great food innovations and luxuryious italian culture.
Annie is very famous and Annie was the first women from outside france , her restaurant is awarded as three stars and this was very proud moment for Annie and for this famous restaurant.

Club del Doge Restaurant

This is one of the most beautiful restaurant . This is situated in the Luxuryious Gitti palace hotel this is along side of Grand Canal. Here you can enjoy ypur delicious meal with fantastic view. This restaurant is famous for its Venetian meal with gorgeous riverside view. Club del Doge is voted as one of the best waterfront restaurant. It is good time to visit this restaurant may and October to fully enjoy this beautiful restaurant. This is one of the most romantic restaurant in the world , thus is the perfect place to date your loved one and its stunning location of Grand Canel which makes it one of the ultimate place to meet in Venice. Here you can get refined guest from around the world and many celebrities are comes here to enjoy this beautiful restaurant.


This is one is the coolest restaurant in Italy which is in Puglia Region. This restaurant is run by the husband and wife. Masseria IL frantoio is basically situated in a farm house which is in Masseria Il Frantoio. The wife is cooks perfect italian food which is totally delicious and mouth watering. She cooks perfect italisn classic dishes.
This restaurant was created by turning a ancient farm house into a luxuryious hotel which gives you mesmerizing experiences in puglia. This restaurant is situated near the gorgeous countryside of the Italy and surrounded by the thousands years old Olive trees which always attracrs the travelers to visit this beautiful restaurants. Masseria ll Farntoio is the gorgeous mixture of ancient and midern culture.
This restaurant is perfect for every types of guests single , couple or family guest , they gives you excellent service . The details and comfort of the rooms are very good.

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