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Top places to travel in italy

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Top places to travel in Italy

Italy is known for its great heritage culture and its luxurious life style here many places are among the top places to travel in Italy , which includes fashion, heritage architectures , restaurants and travel. Here tourism takes a great deal of economic development , Italy is famous in tourism due to its heritage buildings , culture and fashion takes good part of it.
Top places to travel in italy ,this is the question which create excitement in the mind of travellers. Everybody those who loves to travel are very much knows that , this is one of the most beautiful country in the world with great culture and heritage.
European countries are very famous for tourism but in these European countries Italy takes a unique space in these countries. Travel in Italy is also boost up its restaurants and food industry , Italian cuisines and restaurant are very famous around the world . Most of the famous cuisines are Italian and if we talk about the restaurants business then most of the world famous restaurants are from Italy.

Italian interiors designs are very famous and popular around the world , most of luxurious houses and restaurants are uses Italian interior designs. Some places in Italy known as fashion city , some famous for their food and some places are famous due to their heritage building sites.

Many sites in the Italy has been declared as Heritage sites from UNESCO for their special part of the culture.

Below are some of the top places to travel in italy

Venice Canals

This is one of the most romantic place to travel in Italy. Here travelers are enjoying the beauty if Venice Canels since many centuries. Canals are surrounded by old beautiful building which increases its beauty. Grande canle is most famous way to see the beauty of Venice. It’s colorful heritage buildings around the waterways are very famous around the world.

Leaning tower of Pisa

This is one of the famous place of the world , this is very much known since long time. Working began on this tower n 1100s and due to shinking its get lean and this is makes it famous and unique in the world. It’s structure is very interesting and people can go to top of the tower and due to its interesting structure lacks of travelers comes here every year.

Lake Como

This is one of the most romantic place in Italy and this is surrounded with beautiful old heritage buildings and palaces. It is among the top places to travel in italy with gorgeous view of lake como and famous due to celebrities interest in this place , celebrities around the world visit this place during their holydays and celebrate their lifetime celebrations. This is open to the public and this has many beautiful villas , it is full of rich roman culture . This place is very much green and beautiful, this is surrounded by true nature and peace. Valleys and resorts are very beautiful and romantic , which is favorite for many Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities from different parts of the world.


This is must see part of the Italy this is the largest amphitheater , build by the Roman Empire. This is one of the top places to travel in italy due to its historical heritage value of this places , its heritage architecture shows the strength and ability of Roman Empire . Modern sports facilities and theaters are truly enspire with its structure and build. Now this is surrounded by Modern developments and culture but with in this, it is shows and remind the Roman Empire. This had many facilities of rooms , theater , cells , storage etc which is Empire the modern architecture and facilities. The structure of colosseum is very beautiful and old heritage is totally marvellous.

Amalfi Coast

This is one of the most beautiful sea coastline of the world. It is a UNESCO world heritage site. Hillside town is built along the beautiful coastline. The main town here is Amalfi and positano. Town along side of the coast is very colorful and beautifully designed. You can tour the coast by road and other transport systems. Here transport system in Italy is fantastic and reliable, fast. You can also travel between coasts on boat , were you can get the view of beautiful coasts in a different way.


This is one of the most historical city. Here you can get the historical structure. You can get still smoking volcano, After centuries of excavations its revealed houses , rooms , markets , streets etc. You can get truly beautiful structure of a old city. You can tour the site and see the old streets , chariots and see the great engineering used by the romans in more than 2000 years ago.

Florence Duomo Santa Maria del Fiore

This is one of the most famous cathedral in the world and among the top places to travel in italy due to its empacabl structure and beauty, this is very famous among travelers. This was build in between 13th to 15th Century . Its dome is extraordinary and shows the richness of heritage Italian architecture. This extraordinary architecture is completed in 1434 . It has beautiful bronze panel doors and it is 82 meters tall and can be climbed. You can also go to the top of this empacabl architecture and see the view of this beautiful city.

Vatican City

This is the place of marvellous priceless art of architecture and art collection. Here you can see the master piece of beautiful Italian architecture. This city is surrounded by Rome. With the population of about 1000 , this is ruled by the pope and city has very important religious importance in the world. Vatican City , this is the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church.

The Uffizi Gallery

This is one of the best art museum in the world . This is one to one affair of Italian history of arts . Here you get the chance to see the art from some of the great western artists. The one of the best thing in this gallery , you can see the collections of step by step evaluation of historical paintings between 14th to 16th centuries. Here you can see the historical portraits and paintings, which is totally change the art which is away from the traditional art ,and these paintings changed the art form from traditional to some modern.

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