Top fashion brands of france

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Top fashion brands of France

France is know for its luxuryious lifestyle and culture. Most of the top fashion brands are belongs to France which shows its fashion hub of the world. Fashion is very much connected with french culture. France is the fashion hub of the world due to which most of the great fashion designers and fashion schools are from France.
French culture is very much connected with Textiles and innovation in fashion industry since old times.
French designers are becomes favourite since 15th Century and today fashion brands from france are creating their own means of fashion in the world. Luxury fashion from france are getting popular around the world.
Below are some of the top fashion brands from france.


This company was get started in 1837 by Thierry Hermes . Hermes is originally luxury goods manufacturer. Hermas is one of the top fashion brand , renowned luxury brand from france. Hermas is a lifestyle , perfume and ready to wear fashion brand which introduced its ready to wear men’s collection and first women shoe collection in 1970s. This brand is favourite of many renowned celebrities around the world.
Hermes is one of the biggest luxury fashion brand in the world with 12,834 employees till 2016. Hermes is also known for its good employable conpany.
This is one of the best ready to wear brand with great famous designers. Hermes is famous for high fashion and accessories. This brand is very famous in European countries due to its high and glamourous fashion styling.
Many international celebrities are connected with this brand. Hermes is one of the oldest luxuxy top fashion brands in the world.

Coco Chanel

Today Coco Chanel is the most famous luxury fashion brand and this is very popular among celebrities. Coco Chanel have unique brand image in the fashion industry around the world , due to which its getting popular day by day in the high fashion market , Coco chanel is manily famous for its luxury hand bags which gives a style statement to the fashion lovers. This brand is very famous in local fashion markets due to which small manufacturers are always trying to manufactur its replica and send to the local retail markets but due to high popularity in the luxury fashion industry this not impact its brand image.
This brand was created by a french fashion designer and business women Gabrielle Bonheur “Coco” Chanel, she was the founder of “Coco Chanel”.
She is the only fashion designer who get listed in Time Magazine”as top 100 influencer of 20th century. Chanel No.5 was the iconic signature product of coco Chanel.
Coco Chanel brand is the influencer for the fashion industry around the world , which very much empact the fashion industry, especially in european countries.
This brand is mainly into jewellery, hand bags and fragrance.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is one of the most rich fashion ,brand in the world. L V is the known and very popular name of Louis Vuitton and among the top fashion brands in the world. LV’s headquarter is in Paris , France , which sis the fashion capital of the world.This brand is only endorsed by high fashion peoples like janefar lopaz and Madona. Due to its popularity in celebrities this brand is very much expensive and it has high quality products. LV is founded by Louis Vuitton , since this brand is growing rapidly and today this is the biggest fashion brand in the world. In 2012 LV becomes the most valuable luxury brand in the world , with the valuation of US$25.9 Billion and in 2013 its valuation goes upto US$28.4 Billion.
LV is spreaded into more than 50 countries and with more than 450 stores of LV is opened all over the world and its continuously spreading its wings around the world in the world of fashion.
This is one of the oldest luxury fashion in the world , launched in 1854. LV is especially into luxury Clothing , goods and shoes.
LV sells its products through high end department stores , e commerce platform , standalone boutiques etc. LV stores are mainly into metropolitan cities due to its luxuryious products and high end fashion But in they also started looking into fast growing cities to open its stores.
LV have 121,289 employess till 2012 and its growing fast due to LV is spreading into new cities .

Tara Jarmon

This is one of the top womens wear brand from france. Tara Jarmon is very famous in france. This brand is named on the name of fashion designer whi belongs to Canada. Tara Jarmon is very well known brand of France.
Now Tara Jarmon have 80 store in store throughout Asia and Europe and its has also 23 boutiques.
Tara Jarmon is paris based but born in Canada. Jarmon started fashion brand 30 years ago. In 2006 Jarmon launched affordable collections for women clothing and accessories.
In 2018, Jarmon started new brand with her Daughter.


Lacoste is a very popular french brand , which operates in many countries. This brand is mainly famous for its sports inspired collections and its polo shirts are very much popular around the world.
Lascoste is founded by Andre Gillier and Rene Lacoste in 1933 , Locate has huge collections of clothes which is inspired by sports.
Lacoste is very popular around the world for its simple design and affordable pricing of its collections. This brand have collections of foot wear , watches , leather goods ,perfumes etc.
Lacoste was first began to produce the desined tennis shirts with small crocodile logo. Lacoste is spread over more than 110 countries and this brand is very popular around the world due to contracts with famous sports players from around the world. This brand is very popular among sports players.
Recently Lacoste popularity was surged but its still a very big brand of the fashion world. In 2005 Lacoste was sold 50 million products in around 110 countries and this shows the popularity of this brand which is totally outstanding. Lacoste is very popular brand among the sports lover young people.
This brand have total 5,189 employees till 2019.
Lacoste has distributed its manufacturing licence to many conpanies around the world like , its given licence in Thailand and China.


Dior is one of the most famous fashion brand in the world with luxuryious lifestyle. This is famous for its luxury goods and it was got founded in 16 December 1946. Dior was founded by Christian Dior a famous designer. Now Dior is one of the top fashion brands in the world due to its quality and this is one of the most famous fashion brand among celebrities from around the world , those are mostly from entertainment industries. Dior Headquarters is in Paris , France.
This company is operating almost worldwide with in 210 countries with 84,981 (2011) employees.
Doir is devided into three devisions Christian Dior perfume , Dior Homme and Christian Dior Cosmetics.
Dior is currently into leather goods , perfumes, accessories, footwear, jewellery etc. And its also working in Dior homme for menswear and baby Dior for children’s fashion label.
Dior sells its products through exclusive retail stores and online worldwide . Ecommerce section of dior is spreading its wings worldwide.


Kenzo is famous fashion brand of france which was founded by Kenzo Takada in 1970 who was a Japanese Designer. His designs and styles are very much inspired with Japanese and asian culture.
This is one of the best brand for European styled high fashion brand. Kenzo Takada was came from japan to paris in 1964 for his career in fashion and he started his fashion brand in 1970. Now this is one of the top fashion brands of france due to its dedication and quality of work towards its brand.
This brand was started with women’s clothing brand and in 1983 its started its men’s wear collections and in 1987 its started home and kids wear collections.
Now kenzo is owned by the parent company LVMH since 1993.
This is the favourite fashion brand among fashion celebrities and fashion bloggers due to which this brand is very famous in luxury fashion brand industry.
Since 2011 creative directors of this brand are Humberto Leon and Carol Lim. This team is working marvellously for the development of this brand.

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