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Top beer bars in the world

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Top beer bars in the world

Beer Bar is always a favorite place for alcohol lovers and it will be more fantastic when you getting this in the world top beer bar. Beer bar is mostly famous in European country countries. New York City is like a home of the bar, it has the most famous bars of the world.

If we talk about the best bars then London has the best bars of the world, this city is known for its luxurious lifestyle.

Beer bars are very famous around the world, its most famous in the youngsters and most of the people are going to Beer bars on weekends and now these days beer bars are also trying to attract customers in weekdays, they are organized, happy hours, dance and singing nights to attract customers. The interiors decorations are of beer bars are highly attracts customers.

If we talk about the country then U.K and US are leading in this race of best beer bars of the world. These countries are very famous for its beer love. But now Japan is also doing very good in food and restaurants sector, they are innovating new drinks and cousins to impress their customers and make a mark in the industry. This sector is growing at a good rate due to which competition is getting very tough but this is very good for the customers, due to competition customer are getting quality products and services.

The Nomad (New York city , u.s.a)

The nomad is at the New York City of USA, this is one of the favorite beer bars of the people. This is built in 1902 and has integrated both hotel and restaurant. It’s interior is marvelous and this is designed by the French architect. This is situated in Broadway, New York and the owner of this hotel is Daniel Humm and Will Guidara. Here you can get your favorite alcohol drink.

Manhattan (Singapore)

This is one of the best cocktail bars in the world. This is famous for Golden age cocktails and fine dining. This is mentioned as No. 1 bar in Asia and No. 3 in the world among best beer bars of the world. This is full of classic and forgotten cocktails, this bar has finest cocktails in the world. This bar has more surprises for you as a festive season offers, weekly offers, holiday offers etc. This is one of the best bars of Singapore, Singapore is known for its luxurious lifestyle and this bar shows its true luxurious culture.

Dandelyon (London , U.K.)

This bar is awarded as the #1 bar in the world. This bar is created by many award-winning Ryan Chetiyawardana. Always focus on Dandelyon is to bring out glamour and culture. Here you can get exciting offerings. Here you can get an exciting play of the 70s, 80s funk and rock music on Saturday and Sunday evenings. Here you can get the DJs playing on your favorite musical track. This bar is suitable for many occasions type like alcohol to afternoon tea.

Bar termini (London , U.K)

Here you can taste great cocktails, this bar is small but staffs are very much friendly. Here you can get good music, good cocktails, and a friendly atmosphere. Here you can get the excellent service, good bartenders and here interiors are very beautiful and classic, it’s like Italian decor. Here you did not get the much more types of cocktails but here cocktails are great.

American bar at the savoy(London, u.k)

This is the oldest cocktail bar in Britain. In 2017 its voted as the world best bar. This bar has an award-winning team which serves, unique and innovative cocktail menu. It draws the attention of Black and White photography by The famous American photographer, Terry O’ Neill, These classic photographs are on the wall of American bar since the 1980s. Here cocktails are inspired by each photograph. Here you can get American jazz entertainers every evening. Here you can enjoy live entertainment and other beautiful kinds of stuff.

High five(Tokyo , japan)

This is a very popular bar and with its unique style Ginza-Style bar, over the years, this bar has changed its address and this bar is getting better and better over the years and this bar has includes many unique kinds of stuff. The new space for this bar is almost double in space. Here you can get the classic and amazing cocktails with surprising innovations. Here slow jazz soundtracks are totally amazing and you can get the unique experience. This bar is at the Tokyo city center. here you can get the ten bar seats which are totally amazing and comfortable way of serving.

The old man(Hong Kong)

This is very much sophisticated and luxurious bar and this is get awarded as #5 best bar of Asia. Here you can get a totally luxurious experience. This is known for its great hospitality and innovations. Here staffs are very friendly and supportive. Here presentations of drinks are very much impressive and great. This is a small but very beautiful bar. here staffs and manager are very knowledgeable which serves you every cocktail with full, of knowledge. here you can get very cool and cozy atmosphere so you can enjoy every sip of your drink. Here you can also get surprised, weekly and weekend offer for your drinks.

Dante (new work city , USA)

This bar is awarded as the #9 among the best bars of the world and this bar is founded in 1915, which shows its quality and amazing history. This is a very modest bar which attracts people from every walk like actors, musicians, great celebrities and general people. Everybody is finding its relaxed and pleasant atmosphere of this bar. here you can enjoy every moment with great cocktails and great Italian cuisine. this very much romantic place and it attracts most of the Hollywood celebrities.

There are many other top bars in the world who totally care about their customers and serve amazing cocktails and mouthwatering dishes.

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