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Toilet ek prem Katha impacted on the mind of Indians

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Toilet ek prem katha

Toilet ek prem Katha, this is the movie of a Bollywood super star Akshay Kumar and if you are the fan of him then you must watch this film, there are many reasons to watch this movie.
This film is also appreciated by the prime minister of India because this film is based on one of the main issues of India.

This film is connected with the rural India and this is also very much connected with the people of India.

This film is getting the good response from the public for the subject for this film is based and this film has good reasons to connect with the public.

Since this film is released its very much impacted the mind of the Indians specially in villages and this is one the best thing about this movies and this movie is got the good reviews from the critics.

This film is also appreciated by the government and it’s appreciated from the people around the world and this is the biggest success of this movie and now actor Akshay Kumar is also working for the social awareness to the society.

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