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Fast fashion in the era of globalization

Fast fashion in the era of globalization Fast fashion is getting globalized very quickly and this is due to then quickly changing the mindset of the people. fashion is getting changed in every six months and due to fast fashion, it is now changing in every 2-3 months. Fast fashion means how quickly fashion is getting changed and delivery people from Ramp to the retail stores and in this fast fashion Zara and LVMH is leading the fashion industry. Fast fashion was started from the European fashion hub mainly from…

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Zara Fashion 

ZARA is now Online and new fight begins

ZARA is now Online ZARA is online and the wait is over for the ZARA lovers, who love to buy online and this is also beginning new competition in the Indian fashion e-commerce industry, this going to be very competitive for the Indian e-commerce because ZARA is one of the most popular brands of the world and this is very popular among the youth. Most of the fashion lovers in India are youth and they love to buy stuff from ZARA. ZARA is very fast in its distribution and logistics,…

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luxury brand-snoophuk Fashion 

Luxury Fashion brands and you say wow

Luxury Fashion brands and you say wow Luxury Brands are very popular around the world, these brands are most famous among the higher class of people in the society. Very few people can afford these products due to high cost and relevancy. Most of the luxury brands are from the European countries and USA. Like Chanel, Louis Vuitton etc. These brands are mostly from Italy or France. Below are some of the most famous and powerful luxury fashion brands from around the world. Chanel Chanel is the high luxury fashion…

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Sustainable-Fashion Fashion 

Sustainable fashion is the future

Sustainable fashion is the future Sustainable fashion is the future, this is one of the big questions in the mind of the fashion industry. the fashion industry is one of the most pollution creation industry, which consumes a lot of water and creates tonnes of waste material, which is very harmful to the environment. Many luxury brands are thinking about this problem and they are now slowly starting new strategy for their business. Fashion is getting capturing bigger market around the globe and manufacturing units or factories are one of…

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fashion travel Fashion 

fashion travel around the world

fashion travel around the world Fashion travel is one of the fascinating job or work in the world, it’s something creative and creative career option, which encourages your confidence. Many countries which are very famous for the fashion travel, these countries are known for its rich fashion culture and styling, these countries are mainly France, Italy, Germany, UK, USA and many others. These countries have very beautiful and high fashion standards. Below are some of the fashion travel pictures

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