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Sustainable fashion is the future

Sustainable fashion is the future Sustainable fashion is the future, this is one of the big questions in the mind of the fashion industry. the fashion industry is one of the most pollution creation industry, which consumes a lot of water and creates tonnes of waste material, which is very harmful to the environment. Many luxury brands are thinking about this problem and they are now slowly starting new strategy for their business. Fashion is getting capturing bigger market around the globe and manufacturing units or factories are one of…

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Fashion trends of the month

Fashion trends of the month Fashion trends are always making crazy to the fashion lovers who have love to be trendy and classy, Always this is the choice of the person and this reflects the personality of the person. There are many fashion trends are getting hit on the ramp every month and its very hard to get updated for the person to be updated. so we are here making your job easy and will bring you every month the latest trend of the fashion in the world, it will…

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Bollywood fashion divas-Bollywood Entertainment 

Bollywood fashion divas

Bollywood fashion Divas Bollywood has many actresses who are the fashion icons of the world, they are created their own image in the industry. It’s always the pleasure to talk about the Bollywood beauties in today’s world Bollywood is getting spread around the world and this is the very proud moment for the Bollywood. Now Bollywood stars are reaching to the Hollywood, the actors like Priyanka Chopra, Irrfan Khan etc and they are showing very good temperament and passion. Bollywood is always known for its beauty and acting and these…

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fashion travel Fashion 

fashion travel around the world

fashion travel around the world Fashion travel is one of the fascinating job or work in the world, it’s something creative and creative career option, which encourages your confidence. Many countries which are very famous for the fashion travel, these countries are known for its rich fashion culture and styling, these countries are mainly France, Italy, Germany, UK, USA and many others. These countries have very beautiful and high fashion standards. Below are some of the fashion travel pictures

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Elizabeth-Taylor-the-fashion-icon-of-the-month-8Source-pixabay Fashion 

Elizabeth Taylor is Fashion icon of the month

Elizabeth Taylor is Fashion icon of the month Elizabeth Taylor was a British-American actress, who know for her superb acting and her styling. she was also a businesswoman and social humanitarian lady. she is one of the greatest actresses of Hollywoods Classical movies, she had won many awards for the contribution in film and are and for her acting. she was one of the one of the richest actress of the world and she was done it only quality roles in the movies. She belonged to a rich family and…

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fashion-earrings-trends-of-2017-2source-pixabay Fashion 

fashion earrings trends of 2017

fashion earrings trends of 2017 Fashion earrings are one of the most important parts of the women fashion, it creates a new look of the wearer. Earring market plays a very important role in the fashion industry . Its creates lots of job for the small skilled people who can start their own or resale the earrings , it is the good source of income for them. Earrings are mainly used for the addition purpose in the fashion but it is always good to show the personality of the wearer.…

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Fashion-accessory-get-set-styling-9source-pixapay Fashion 

Fashion accessory get set styling

Fashion accessory get set styling Fashion accessory plays a very vital role in the term of fashion, its enhance your quality of fashion, accessories also creates an atmosphere about the fashion styling. It adds the value in the personality of the wearer, It’s a secondary after garments but its create a new personality in the wearer. Fashion Accessories are of two types, one is which we carry it and second is which we wear it, it is totally dependes on the personality of the person and their interest But this…

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Fashion-brands-in-india-DiorSource-Wikimedia Fashion 

Fashion brands in india stay luxurious

Fashion brands in India stay luxurious Fashion Brands in India are very vast and popular due to people interest and their buying capacity, currently, India is an emerging market so this will become fashion hub after some decades. Due to the second largest market in the world here, multinational companies has good opportunities for them, they are opening stores and styling hubs in many metropolitan cities. Luxury fashion is become booming in India specially for the European fashion brands , retail sector in India is growing very fast and now…

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