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Sustainable fashion in summer

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Sustainable fashion in summer

Sustainable fashion is always the first choice for the summer season and the best part of this, people are very much aware of what to wear in the summers season and this is good for the awareness about the fashion.
Summer is the best season to show your stylish look and be fashionable and most of the designers are makes most of their designs for the summer seasons , if we look for the history of fashion designing, then we see that their most of the designs are not very colorful and these designs are totally sustainable and eco friendly.

The fashion industry is the second most polluting industry which is responsible for most of the pollution and we talk about the wages of the labor or workers then they are getting very minimum wages for their work and this is also a big issue in the fashion industry.

Now fashion designers are taking initiative to create eco-friendly fashion which is good for our environment.
There are many brands in the world which are working for fashion sustainability and below are some of the names.

1.People Tree

This brand is based in UK and Ethics are Fair Trade Certified collections, organic cotton, Biodegradable materials.

2. Raven + Lily

This brand is based in Austin, TX and Ethics are Economic empowerment, eco-friendly.

3. Symbology

This brand is based in Grapevine, TX Ethics are Long-term Artisan Partnership.

4. Mata Traders

Based in Nepal, India and Ethics are Fair Trade Federation member, economic empowerment.


Based in Los Angeles, CA, Ethics are Sustainable and deadstock fabrics, eco – friendly manufacturing, economic.

6. Encircled

Based in Toronto, Canada and Ethics are small batch production, eco-fabrics, recyclable packaging pricing.

Many other fashion labels which are working towards fashion sustainability.
If we talk about the fashion in summers then below are some of the fashion styles and garments you can try it.

Sustainable fashion is trending these days and many fashion designers are working towards it , many international fashion brands are now developing clothes in sustainability manner , which including recycle of cloth.

H&M and many international fashion brands are working towards it.
Sustainable fashion

Sustainable fashion

Sustainable fashion

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