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Street Foods of Old Delhi

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Street Foods of Old Delhi

Street Foods of Old Delhi this is the most delicious thing for the Delhi heights, Old Delhi is known for its Street foods and old Mughal culture of Delhi, it has Lal Quila, Jama Masjid, Chawadi Bazaar, Chandani Chowk and many more.

Delhi is known for its mix of Old and New Indian Culture and traditions, If we talk about the food of Old Delhih, this is famous around the world here you can get from historical Biryani to New generation pizza. This totally depends on your choice what do you want to eat.

Delhi is the city of youth, it has food streets, fashion streets and much more but the most famous and the love of Delhi is its Street foods , it has got Gappa , chat , moos and more and the most favourite is the paratha, it has many types like aloo ka paratha, pyaz / onion paratha, egg parantha, gobhi parantha, keema paratha, mutton paratha and many more . As Delhi heights think, they are very lucky to have these types of tasty food items in their city.

Delhi does not have only street foods, it has many famous Bars and hotels to provide luxury services to their visitors.

many foreign tourists very much like Delhi due to its mix of Old and new culture, now we are coming back to our topic its street foods of Delhi.

Below are some of the great street foods of delhi


This is one of the favourite street food of delhi , it can easily available in delhi in most of the dhabas , it has many varieties, like non veg – egg paratha , mutton paratha , chicken paratha , keema paratha etc.
In veg varieties you can get onion paratha , aalo (potato) paratha , paneer paratha , mix paratha etc . These varieties are mostly available at the road side dhabas and in small restaurants. In delhi Qutub institutnal area and old delhi is ver famous for best varieties of paratha.


Chhat is one of the favourite street side food of North Indian people , this has many masala items with taste great and this you can get in very cheap rate , in festivals most of the people while on the road , they can eat Chhat as a enjoyment purpose. This Chhat is very famous in all around india but in north india you can get special attachment for Chhat, this has many varieties and different tastes. Old delhi is very much famous for its road side Chhat resurants.


This is one of the most famous street food of India , especially among the girls , this is very famous . This street food is famous all over in India but as With golgappa name this very famous in north india. Golgappa is pronounced with different names in different parts of india . Now Golgappa is getting more diverse street food because it’s getting added more flavours in it.

if you want to visit hub of street foods then you go to Delhi 6 and nearest metro is Jama Masjid, Chandani Chowk and chawari bazaar.

One more good thing about old Delhi is, here you can get things at cheapest rate in India.

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