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salzburg Top place to travel

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salzburg Top place to travel

salzburg Top place to travel , this is one the best place to travel in the world and this is the greatness of this place ,this is full of happiness and fun with beautiful night life. When visiting Austria, add a couple of days in Salzburg if not already on your list. It is the hometown of nature’s prodigy Mozart, the core of European theatrical art and the most beautiful reminder of the bygone era. The city’s mountains, sprawling gardens, and flower beds, enchanting views of the Salzach river are a fairytale setting.

For @soundofmusic fans, this is where the film was staged! Childhood memories of watching Maria stomping around Mirabel Gardens, dancing past the horse bath or singing by the meadows of Salzburg, will come rushing back as you walk across this little paradise tucked away in the Alps!

This was still early in the day when we were visited and the garden was relatively quiet.
Its Lush greenery greets you, regardless of which entrance you take. Palace and gardens serve as the backdrop for the most romantic weddings and many events and concerts.
Its Leopold Mozart along with his children, Wolfgang and Nannerl regularly performed at the concert hall in the palace.
This one of the top place to travel

Mirabel Garden the most magnificent baroque garden in Europe and could easily be any traveler’s favorite spot in Salzburg. If you are a @soundofmusic fan, you will find yourself walking in the footsteps of the Von Trapp family and a ‘buncha’ childhood memories will come alive! Sights and sounds of the lovingly landscaped gardens still linger …

Our long walks around Salzburg’s elegant gardens and architecture were interspersed with breaks at quaint cafes. Ornate interiors, gorgeous coffee table books, a range of pastry temptations, coffee lovers of all ages and, some VERY GOOD coffee come together in the city’s fine coffeehouse tradition.

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