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Places to travel in south India

Places to travel in south India

Places to travel, India is known for its vast culture and diversity, it has many places to explore, India is one of the most favorite places for travelers and tourists. It has many places which have been declared as a heritage site.
India has one of the old dest civilization and culture, according to mythology there are many gods and godman’s are born here to save the humanity. India has very vast and diversified culture and places, this is one of the favorite places for the travelers and tourists, there are lacks of tourists and travelers comes in India and they are very much satisfied with the india culture and hospitality.

India is the very large country so it takes very much time to travel it but if you like to know about Indian culture through traveling then this is the best option for the travelers. Here we are mentioning about the South Indian places where you must know about the Indian culture there through your traveling passion.

There are many places in india to Travel and few to them we are mentioning here.

if we talk about south India, It has dream places for the travel ers and tourists.

Quad Bike Expedition Goa


Goa is always known as the fascination and youthful place due to its culture and lifestyle. This is one of most adventurous and colorful place of India.
And one more thing about goa is its Quad Bike Expedition, this is truly the thrill and adventurous. Goa is something you don’t miss out on Goa. this is must watch Adventure.

Scuba Diving in Andaman Nicobar.

Ohh this is the dream place for the nature lovers, here you can enjoy the true pure creation of nature. This is one of the purest places and you must be enjoying lovely time here.

Camping and Rafting at Dandeli.

River Rafting and Camping this is the favorite thing for every traveler, This is one of the most adventurous and thrilling adventures for the travelers. And the white river of this place makes it truely bautiful.

Advanture and fun at Goorj

This is one of the most famous and favorite Adventure place for the tourists and Travelers.

Archetectures at Poundicherry , its French Architecture.

If you like old, classy and European style Architecture you must be like this place, this place is famous for its French Architecture style.

Tea Gardens at Munner

This place is one of the freshest and environmentally friendly places, if you like to be with nature then this place is excellent for you.

Waterfalls in Karnataka.

Waterfalls of Karnataka give you new and adventurous sites.

Elefants in Gavi , Kerala

This place is among the most historical places of India, these are great to see.

Bliss of Ooty

This is among the best environment-friendly and fresh place of India.

Nagarhole wildlife century.

This is very nice and adventurous place for the travelers.

Food of Mysore.

Foods of Mysore is very famous around the world and these are most delicious.

Annual Thrissur pooram in Kerala

This is a new excellent opportunity for the travelers.

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