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Places to travel in france

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Places to travel in France

France is one of the favorite destinations for the travelers, those who love to travel to France. France is known for its marvelous heritage and for fashion.

France is mainly is known for its fashion and food , and France is very famous for its beautiful tourism.

This country is very much famous for its famous buildings and heritage architecture like Eiffel Tower. The climate of France is very much suitable+ for the traveling.

France is now getting famous for its favorite study destination for students.

Travelling to France is the dream of the travelling lovers from around the world. below are some of the most famous places in France to travel.

This country is famous around the world for its beautiful travelling places.

Mont Saint-Michel

Mont Saint-Michel is an island and with the population of 50 , its is of one the favorite place for the tourists in this country. This island is located nearly about one kilometer from the northwestern coast of the country.
This is one of the most recognizable landmarks in this country, it has been more than 3 million visitors each year, the Mont Saint-Michel and its bay are in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. With over 60 buildings within the commune in this country has been protected as monuments historiques


Paris visited by more than 40 million travelers annually, It is one of the world’s most popular traveler’s destination. It has many nicknames like the City of Love,romance and Capital of Fashion, It is the capital of France, known for romantic ambiance and command in industries like Fashion , art , business and entertainment. It has many iconic places and landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe etc. Paris is also has some finest


This city is located in east-central of this country, This is the capital of the Rhone department. It has a long history, Today this is the third largest city in France and it is known for its historic architecture, gastronomy and different cultures . Lyon is comprised of various districts, each district has its own beautiful culture.

Loire Valley

This Valley , spanning more than 270 kilometers , it is located in the stretch of the Loire River . The area of the Valley is about more than 750 square kms. It is also referred as the Cradle of the French or the Garden of France. This valley is been inhabited since Middle Palaeolithic period.

The Valley wine region is one of the world’s most well-known for its wine production.
The climate is very much favorable most of the year and this is favorite for the tourists.


It is one of the oldest cities of this country and second largest city, It has a major Mediterranean seaport is located to the southeast coast of this country. Boasting is an idyllic climate, heritage architectures and different types of cultural venues, Its Marseille is also has many universities and industries. Marseille has old port with two historic forts, Its bustling harbor which is lined with many things like waterfront cafes, shops , bars etc. This city is getting very famous around the world.

There are many other traveling places France and we can cover these places in our coming write-ups , kindly stay connected with us.

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