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New styles with new designers in Indian fashion industry

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New style and new passion

New Style and New passion are now hitting the floor of Indian fashion industry, Indian fashion industry is getting global by many designers from India. They are showing their talent around the world, it’s mostly in European countries and its getting expansion day after day. Indian fashion industry is in growing phase and slowly its getting recognizing by the big international fashion platforms and this is boosting the confidence of the new talents and many fashion brands are especially organising the fashion weeks for new talented fashion designers, who can show their talent on the big platform, the new talent in India Fashion Week getting recognized by the fashion industry, which is organized by the FDDI .There are many new fashion designers are also using a global fashion platform to show their talent and they are also they are also doing very good on the international platforms.

new designers are grabbing the attention of the fashion industry in India and internationally. European countries are known for their fashion industry and many Indian designers are also becoming popular in European countries.

Now a new name in Indian fashion industry is Karan Vig and his fashion label is Karan Vig couture. He is very much talented and respects the Indian culture. He is very much passionate towards his work.

new Style
Karan Vig

Karan vig is an Indian fashion designer, runway choreographer and a stylist from Jaipur. India. Initially, he began his journey as a blogger, then being a model. He always carries dhoti with silk dupattas and jewelry as his patent. His designs are inspired from Rajwadas.

He is invited as the guest in many fashion weeks nationally and internationally. Today, he owns his label, Karan Vig Couture.

Internationally get invited in many fashion shows like London Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, Pakistan fashion week, Asian Bridal show, Paris Fashion Week, Lakme Fashion week and much more.

He has interest in discussing feminism and gender equality from an activist perspective. He also gives lectures on fashion styling.

This industry is growing very rapidly in India and many premier institutes are also helping about it. Now fashion industry in India slowely working towards sustainable fashion and this is very good move of Indian fashion industry, due to globalisation fashion industry is very much inspired by European fashion market trends and other influence of the industry.

Today Indian fashion industry is taking initiative to experiment some thing new in the industry especially new designers are taking this initiative very seriously, they are using new styles , new fabric types to develop apparel industry.

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