India’s First Gender Neutral Fashion Label

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India’s First Gender Neutral Fashion Label

India’s First Gender Neutral Fashion, yes this is true a neutral fashion label launched by the 26 years old fashion-blogger-designer Purushu Arie and this brand is also promoting the freedom of choice for self.

Purushu’s clothing line celebrates neutrality of race, age, appearance and every other cultural conditioning and differences.
His commitment towards slow and sustainable fashion philosophy, Purushu’s unconventional fashion label will retail limited edition ungendered capsule collections in natural handloom textiles.


Beyond Binary

Beyond Binary envisions birth of non-conforming pluralist energy in a collectivist setting.
Unique Japanese cutting techniques are employed to create offbeat utility designs that define the “ethnic” image of handlooms in khadi, Madras checks, and 100% natural cotton. Purushu Arie’s handlooms carry a universal message of neutrality and individuality, thereby strikes a relationship between the fabric and wearer much deeper than skin.

waistband lungis

Free- size waistband lungis emerge as the breakthrough pieces in Purushu Arie’s latest gender neutral range. The arrival of lungis with waistband revolutionarily alters the functionality of the garment forever.

He is creating the new dimension in the fashion, this is first time happening in that Anybody who boldly created the new dimension in the fashion, which is gender nurturant fashion brand, we are thinking, this the is the boldest and creative step. He is also a top fashion blogger who loves to write for the fashion blog and articles.

The fashion industry is currently in the phase of creation fame in the international fashion industry but many designers are also showing their brand image in Indian and international markets.

Indian fashion industry is slowly getting global so new fashion designers and bloggers are getting inspiration from the western and European countries which are great power in the fashion industry.

We are very much appreciating the step of purushu, he is doing very good for the fashion industry and it will change the face of Indian fashion industry.

This is a very brave decision taken by this young boy to promote gender-neutral fashion in India.







About Purushu Arie

Purushu Arie founded India’s most read men’s fashion blog in 2009 while studying fashion design in New Delhi. At the age of 19, he was invited by Fashion Design Council for review shows at India Fashion Week, New Delhi. , Ever Since, Purushu has collaborated with more than 50 retail and luxury brand and is rated among best fashion bloggers in India. The 26yr old NIFT New Delhi alumni launched India’s First Gender neutral fashion label in 2017.


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