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How to travel India in budget

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how to travel India in budget

India is known for its vast historical culture. This has one of the oldest civilization in the world. India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world due to which here travelers from around the world can get good accommodation and amenities for their living. India is very cheapest country in compared with European and American countries, this is the best thing for foreign travelers, those who want to travel in India. There are lots of tourists places in india which attracts people from around the world since ancient times.

India is one of the most favorite places for travelers around the world due to which, here the government also provides many special facilities to foreign tourists.

And if you are not a foreign traveler then don’t worry you also get good cooperations from local people they very mush respect tourists from any region of the world.

Below are some of the best ways to budget traveling in india

Budget transport system in India

The transport system in India is very cheap as compared to European countries now Indian government is very much improving the transport system in this country. The Indian transport system is divided into many categories like local auto travel, bus , train, metro system, airline, tram in Kolkata and also new projects are going underway to improve the way of transportation in India.

In this country, the train is known as the cheapest way to travel because Indian railways are one of the largest rail networks in the world and one of the cheapest way to travel. Indian railways daily caries crores of passengers to their destinations which is totally incredible.

India has most of the population is belongs from middle class or lower middle-class families due to which it is tough task to maintaining transport cost to the average level, in India due to high population and high competition in transport sector , the cost of public transport is remaining average, due to which people can travel easily from one place to other. Here you can easily get the public transport or hire a special vehicle for traveling at the cheapest rate.

Budget to spend on food items in india

India is one of the diverse cultured countries in the world. It has many religions and many different languages, this the real beauty of this country, here you can get all types of seasons like summer, winter, autumn, etc. India is known for its beautiful traveling places and great tasty foods from the northeast, south, north, hill stations etc. Every place has their unique culture and traditions this is the best thing about Indian food, here food items are very much connected with local traditions and their old heritage culture.

North India is known for its very spicy food items and its very popular street foods and south India is known for its seafood items. India is very famous for its food items and spices since ancient times and as per research some spices are very helpful for the remedy of some harmful diseases and these spices are also an essential part of our daily food these are an already mentioned in Indian Vedas.

In this country you can easily get foods in cheapest rate in hotels or dhabas , This country is very much dependent upon their farming resources, with more than 135 crores of population. On average you can easily get good food in the daily budget of Rs. 300 per person, which is very much cheap compared to European and American countries. In India, you can get so many varieties of food items but if you increase your regular budget then you can get good European food items in good restaurants. India is also known for its respect for their guests which is totally connected to Indian culture and Indian way of living, in Indian culture guests are same as god, they can respect so much.

Most of the Indian food items are full of spices and oil, which is totally different from European countries but these food items are very much healthy for our health and most of the food items are getting cooked according to the season, which is very healthy.

Budget of staying in India

This country is very vast and most of the people are belongs to a middle-class family. Here you can get the rooms on monthly rentals. In metro cities, you can get the apartments on average Rs. 25000 monthly which is good as per metropolitan city. if you want to stay in hotels then average prices are starts from Rs. 3000 per night, if want to stay in India for some days then this is the good option for you. Here countries embassies are also helping their citizens to get hotels and other help. In this country you can easily find hotels and rooms through online bookings and through searching in popular areas, the best thing about this country is here travelers are don’t face any difficulties for searching rooms and hotels, and foods are easily available in popular areas.

India is full of tourist places from north to south and east to west. This is the biggest advantage of this country , which attracts thousands of tourists every year from around the world. A government of states is also improving the tourists’ facilities in their states to attract tourists, infamous tourism states, their main source of employment and state revenue is tourism.

Now, states governments are also encouraging the home stays businesses to provide cheap homestays to the tourists and increase the income of the Business owners this is also an initiative of employment generation.

In homestays, you get a good environment to stay at cheap rates and these days home stays are getting very popular and convenient. These types of homestays are most popular in north Himalayan region because of favorite tourist destinations and most of the foreigners’ tourists come here to see the beauty of Himalaya, these homestays are very cheap and in your budget and here you can get your traveling gears in very economical rates.

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