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Hill stations to travel in india

Famous hill stations to travel

Hill stations are the most faviourate places to travel if you want to stay away from hot summer and to see the real beauty of our nature. We are going to show you the most popular hill stations around India.



This is one of the most faviourite hill station for the nort east or eastern people in India . This place is mostly known for its tea gardens and Darjeeling tea is very famous around the world , here you can get very good warm welcomes by the local people this place is very much tourist friendly.

Nainital :

Nainital is known for its good atmosphere and good tourist place most of the North Indians are prefer this place due to this place is not very far from the national capital and this is the biggest advantage of this place. This place place is famous for its Nainital lake.

Ooty :

Ooty is very famous among the hill stations since old days this is perfect destination with family and for newly married couples , this place is mostly liked by these. Here you can get cheap hotels rooms and beautiful destination.

Shimla :

Shimla is one of my faviourite place to visit , this place is one of the most beautiful place in india , in winters , it’s shows you real beauty , this is the must visit hill station of India.

Gangtok :

Gangtok is in the north east of India and this places is with less population and with very silent place , which truly shows its beauty around it.


Dharamshala is one of the most faviourite place of foreign in India , they are very much likes this place , in fact most of residents of dharamshala are foreigners and they enjoy this place very much , this place has many beautiful places like triund, Dalailama’s temple etc.
Triund is one of my favourite place , I think you likes this place when you reach after around six kilometres of trekking.

Manali :

Manali is one of the most faviourite place to visit in north india , when you talk to any Indian where they want to travel in summers in north india , then their first choice is Manali . Manila is one of the most famous and favourite place for the nature lovers , which is the unforgettable about this place.

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