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fashion and style statement

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fashion and style statement

Fashion and style is always attracts the people from different classes of the society and this is very much luxurious , if we talk about good fashion .

Most of the higher class people are use this fashion word in different terms , fashion is also about showing your thinking and personality through your fashion statements or clothing style.

Most of the high fashion are connected with the Hollywood or Bollywood celebrities , they are very serious about their fashion habits and look.

Most of the high fashion is influenced with the western culture and western culture is decides the new fashion trends around the world.

Modern fashion was started in European countries and it is slowly spread it into globally . Still now European countries are leader in fashion industry and they very much influence the world.

United kingdom and France are the fashion hub of the world. Many Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities are endorsed the fashion brands , infect fashion brands are mostly promoted by the entertainment industry’s celebrities.

Styling is the fastest growing career option in the fashion industry and is is one of the most creative career option for the people who want to peruse career in the creative field.

Stylish generally borrow or loan their products from the designers and after use they return it back , so its important for the stylish to manage Thor relation with the people.

Below are some of the outstanding Fashion and style statements

fashion and style statement(source-pixabay)

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