Fashion icon of the month is Madonna

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Madonna is the fashion icon of the month

Madonna, this name is very well known to everybody who loves the music and fashion, Madonna is the perfect combination of music and fashion. Madonna is also known for her styling and for self-confidence. If we talk about the fashion choices of Madonna then we must say she is one of the most adorable fashion icons of the Hollywood, Currently she is more than 50 years old but still, she is very much passionate about her fashion and about her look. The full name of her is Madonna Louise Ciccone and she born 16 Aug 1958, she is an American singer who is very famous around the world. She has done many Hollywood movies and she is known for her boldness in her acting and in her personality.

She has very controversial life, if we talk about her professional life or personal life, both of it is very controversial in her life.

Madonna is very talented she is a singer, producer, songwriter, record producer, dancer, actress, film director, author, businesswoman, humanitarian. Her residence is in Lisbon. She has six children.
Shes has created World record to sold 300 million copies of her records worldwide. Also, she was topped in VH1’s countdown. Her first debut single “Everybody ” was released in 1982.

She is still very famous worldwide and she is over 50 years of age but age doesn’t matter for the Madonna, she is still very bold beautiful and talented.
She has got many awards for her performances and for her successful albums. She got the special places in the entertainment industry in united states of America (USA). She is still very active in the entertainment industry for her stage performances and her Albums.
she is still doing amazing work in the entertainment industry and she is very well in her artistic work, she is still very famous around the world.

Below are some of the most famous albums of Madonna, which gets famous worldwide.

Source :Wikipedia

True Blue

Like a Virgin

Hard Candy

Ray of Light

American Life


Bedtime Stories


Rebel Heart

And there some more Albums of Madonna

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