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Famous food places of Delhi

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Famous food places of Delhi

Famous food places of Delhi this is the first question arise in the mind of Delhi heights and travels who come to Delhi, Delhi is known for Its foods and foodies of Delhi.

Foods of Delhi is very famous all around the world especially street foods of old Delhi is very famous due to its taste and foodies love. especially places near Chandani Chowk and Jama Masjid is known for its street food. Delhi is heaven for food lovers you will know after seeing the number of street foods and restaurants here.

you can get every type of food in Delhi due to very vast cultural diversity in Delhi. Delhi has many places where you eat the famous food of Delhi.

Parathe wali Gali

Parathe Wali Gali is near Chandani chow metro station in Delhi which is known for its various types of parantha. This is strictly Vegetarian and this is very famous around Delhi.here you can get many different types of parathas.

Kulcha King

Kulcha king has many delicious food items. Kulcha king is serving delicious Amritsari kulcha and chole. you can check the delicious menu items on the website www.kulchakingfood.com

Dilli Haat

Delhi Haat is known for its handcrafted items, where you can get beautiful handcrafted things and artisans from all over India.

Her you can also get many restaurants for eating out, here mostly are desi restaurants where you can experience delicious Indian cuisines at the reasonable price.

Cannaute place (CP)

CP is mainly known for its high standers foods, it has many bars, pubs and restaurants where you can enjoy many high varieties of foods like Indian, Italian and etc. This is also one of the party places of Delhi. You can enjoy live bands in many restaurants. Here you can also enjoy luxury shopping , this place is the central of delhi and its very much crowded but everything is maintained here so you can’t get any problem. This place is very famous for its British heritage architecture buildings.

It has many pubs and bars which provides you good service.

Chandani chowk

Chandani Chowk is the most famous place to eat street foods of Delhi, in fact, this place is famous all around the world for its Indian delicious cuisine. This place is also known as Old Delhi. This is faviourite place for street food lovers , its must say that this place is heaven for the street food lovers and here you can get the mouthwatering delicious street foods of India and here you can also shopping of many other household items on cheapest rates than other places in delhi.


Karim’s restaurant is one of the most famous places of the Delhi heights if you like to mugals cuisine then this place is for you. This has great taste and hospitality, this is one of the oldest restaurants in Delhi. This place is famous for non veg food items , it has many branches in delhi due to its popularity. Karim’S is situated at the front road of Jama Masjid. Karim serves you many types of delicious non veg items.

Lala babu Chhat Bhandar

Here you can get one of the best Chhat of Delhi, very Delicious at very reasonable price options. This place is very much popular in delhi and this have many varieties of chhat and other items which is totally delicious and mouthwatering.

Places near sadar bazar

Sadar Bazar is known for its cheap wholesale selling items, but at some places, you can also get some delicious food stores. Here you can enjoy street foods and good sweet shops which serve you great delicious Indian sweets. This place is very much populated but I think this is the beauty of this place . Sadar Bazar is asia’s biggest wholesale market and here you can get the cheapest wholesale rates.

Chhitranjan Park (CR Park)

If You want to eat Bengali cuisine in Delhi then CR Park is heaven for you, CR park is known as the Place of Bengali where you can eat every type of Bengali recipes. The Best thing about CR park is you can get closely get in touch with the Bengali culture. This place is very famous during festive seasons. This is one of the busyest colonies of delhi. Here you can get lots of variety of street foods.

Near Jama Masjid

Near Jama Masjid is known for the Non-Veg cousins, Here you can get almost every type of non-veg delicious Indian desi dishes. Biryanis are the most favourite of the food lovers. JAMA masjid is known for its old culture and this is situated near JAMA masjid metro station. If you love the non-veg food then this place is for you. Food places near Jama Masjid is very much old and its shows you Mughal and other Muslim culture.

Hauz Khas Village

Hauz Khas village, this is known as the best party place for Delhi heights, It has many pubs and restaurants with live musical bands, which provides you great service and hospitality. This place is mainly for the foreign food items and cuisines. This place is with totally modern lifestyle and here you can see lots of foreigners to comes here to see the uniqueness of this place and enjoy the great foods of this place.

Others Places

There are also many other places in Delhi where you can enjoy delicious street foods near Karol Bagh market and many other markets in Delhi you can enjoy delicious desi foods at reasonable price. Delhi is always known for its famous food and you like it so much in Delhi. You can also roam around india gate , Lal kila to enjoy the delicious street foods of delhi. These places are very famous for its street foods.

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