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Cheapest countries to travel in budget

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Cheapest countries to travel

Cheapest countries to travel, this is the first question is comes to our mind if we want international travel.
There are many countries in this, where you can travel to beautiful destinations in your budget. Traveling is always a joyful moment but it’s good if you stay within your traveling budget and this is good to know that which countries are cheapest to travel.

Many countries which you can travel in your budget, its European countries, Africa or Asian countries.

Below are the cheapest beautiful countries to travel

Indonesia :

Indonesia is one of the beautiful countries which is cheapest in living and traveling, this country is known for its natural resources. this country is one of the favorite destinations for the travelers who want to travel in a minimum budget.

Mautrisis :

Mautrisis is mostly known for the favorite destinations for Indians and this is one of the cheapest countries for Indians. This is a very beautiful place which attracts tourists. This country has very beautiful sea view and this is one of the most beautiful destinations for honeymoon in your simple budget.


Thailand is known for the fun place for the young generation, this place is getting popular due to the fun place for the young generation, Bankok is the most popular city in Thailand. Here you can get mouthwatering Thai food
and it is a great place for fun lovers.

Nepal :

Nepal is known for its beautiful mountains and the highest picks of the world in Nepal. Nepal is also known as a good place because there are many ancient stories about god is related to Nepal and Himalayas. Nepal is a very tourist friendly country which respects their travelers very well and specially mountainers.

Bhutan :

Bhutan is one of the most beautiful and cultured places and this is known for its historical heritage. bhutan is situated at the north side of India and its border is also connected with China and this country is full of natural beauty and historical monisteries.

Sri Lanka :

Sri Lanka is surrounded by the Indian ocean and this has many stories related to god and other, this is known as the Buddhist place and ancient Ravana place, in ancient time this is known as the golden country, which was made by the Ravana and this place attracts lakhs of tourists every year.

Malaysia :

Malaysia is known as the mixture of modern lifestyle and beauty of nature, this is known to everyone Malaysia is growing very rapidly and lifestyle is getting very modern these days.

These countries are the most naturally beautiful countries in the world and the cheapest for traveling.

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