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Best Food Places in India

Best Food Places in India

Best Food Places in India, this very interesting topic to explore, India is known for its vast heritage and culture and these cultures are very much connected with food.

Food is the way to express the diversity of the culture and in this India is in Among one of the top countries and this is the biggest advantage of India.There are many historical cultures in India which is still undiscovered and we are hoping this will be a great discovery.

Below are some of the best food Places in India


Goa is the most loveable place for the youngsters and fun loving people, this is one of the most favorite tourist and party places. Goa a mainly known for its seafood, here you can get small restaurants which serves you kinds of seafood and here you can get small restaurant which is very cheaper in their food rates and you can enjoy your favorite food there.


Rajasthan is known for its Rajasthani thali and this thali contains many Rajasthani dishes which is very delicious and the place called chauki Dhani in Jaipur known for its delicious food items.


Bihar is always known for its desi Indians in their lifestyle and their food , they always respect Indian culture and this respect of culture is also shown in their food ,Litti Chokha is one of the most favourite food from Bihar, which is made up of wheat flour and with gram flour with some spicy ingredients in it .

West Bengal

If we here the name of West Bengal then first thing always comes to our mind is fish , yes it’s true most of the favourite dishes from Bengal is made from fish and Bengal have different food items which is other than like sweets Rosogolla and Sandesh these are some of the favourite wet items and these are very delicious.


Delhi is known for its multi-culture background of people, it does not have any specific food to mention but most famous are different types of parathas and different types of biryanis especially for old Delhi.


Punjab is known for its rich deshi culture and in villages, they are mostly connected with the farming related activities and Punjab is mostly known for its Parthas and Makke di roti and Sarson ka Saag.


Kerala is known for its greenery places and this is the strength of this place, this place is mostly known for its organic foods.


South Indian foods are known for its great taste and cleanness, the most famous South Indian foods are dosa, idli etc.


Maharashtra is basically known for the multicultural state but due to Mumbai its known for Bada paw, which is very famous around the world.

Many other best food places in India, which will get coverage in our next articles.

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