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Best festivals in the world

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Best festivals in the world

Our world is filled with different types of culture , people and different types of countries. Every unique culture and countries have great festivals , which are religious or they are as per their culture . Its plays a very vital role to strengthen our culture and our social life , this is the important part of our society.
These are the way to conserve our culture which is very important in our modern lifestyle because due to our modern life style we are slowly forgetting our culture and ethics of life.
Festivals are the way of to express your happiness and it is also makes you excited and this is the best thing about the festivals , festivals can make friends and makes you more aware about the social life and culture.

These festivals are very popular among explorers and travelers which teaches you about the different cultures around the world. It’s too much fun to interacting with locals and celebrate these wonderful festivals.
These festivals can gives you life long a great memorable days of your life , these has different cultures, different taste of life with fun and excitement. These festivals are the way to express your feelings towards your culture and respect for other people.

Below are some of the best festivals of the world.

Harbin ice festival

This is one of the biggest ice festival in the world . This festival is very popular around the world. This is the biggest festival of China which getting very popular and every year tourism to this festival is rapidly increasing and this festival officially starts on 5 January ever year for a month long time. This festival has many exhibitions and events followed with this fabulous ice festival, tourists have great time at this festival. This festival is starts before 5 January for cultural events and exhibitions.
Here you can see the artist and sculptures from around the world , they use their art and talent to change the shape of the ice and give them an art look , these sculptures look fabulous during night time due to special lighting and reflected light of ice. Here ice are get structured in many famous heritage buildings and many popular places and faces with great colourful lighting.

Rio Carnival

Rio is known as one of the most interesting place for the travelers from around the world. This place is known for its very colourful celebrations. This festival is full of fun and entertainment and this is one of the most famous entertainment and fun festival in the the world , this festival attracts many giant media outlets in the world . This is most recommended festival of the world , this shows the Brazilian culture and fun with entertainment. Rio festival is full of dancers and artists , if you get any chance to visiting this festival then you must be grab it quickly because this will be in your memory for lifetime .
Here you can get the huge chance to know the Brazilian culture and ethics, you can watch the huge colourful parades with brilliant samba dancing by professional dancers.

Mardi Gras

The fabulous Mardi Gras festival is held in New Orleans. This festival is famous for its great carnival parades and most entertaining and funful activities in the festival , this festival is also known as Shrove Tuesday or Fat Tuesday. This festival is in must visit place of the tourists and travelers. This festival in must recommend list because if you want to visit something different and massive festival , with full of fun and entertainment , then this festival for you. Here you can get engage with the locals and know their culture and living.
Here you can see the vibrant colours of this fantastic festival which is filled with great entertainment and fantastic music . The parades are starts before a week of the festival which is very entertaining and here you can see how city is recovered and stand after Katrina hurricane. The New Orleans city is best time to visit in during Mardi Gras Festival, music and party night before Ash Wednesday.

Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta

This is one of the best balloons festival in the world. This is full of excitement and fun. This festival get celebrated in New Maxico in early October for nine days. Here you can see thousands of colourful balloons are flying in the air. These flying balloons are huge in size which shows the greatness of this festival. These days this balloon festival is getting very popular around the world and people from different countries visits here with great enthusiasm and energy. Here atmosphere is totally like partying, it has many musical stage shows , this fiesta has many beautiful hot air balloons which increases the beauty of this festivals. During this nine days fiesta has sky full of colourful and fantastic hot air balloons, this will be great life long memorable event for you.


Holi is also known as the festival of colours , this festival is get celebrated all around india with happiness. This festival is also get celebrated in Nepal and all across other countries with big Indian population. This festival is get celebrated for win of good over evil and its get celebrated in month of end of winter and starting of spring season. This day Indians play with colourful waters and other materials to show their joy of Holi festival. This is also the way to show their ancient culture. On this day Indians cookes tasty food items in their home to celebrate this fabulous and colourful festival. Holi is very popular festival in India this is get celebrated since ancient times with same joy and fun. This festival get celebrated around March and this is the great opportunity for you to get connect with Indian culture and celebrate Holi with great fun and entertainment. Holi is also a way to celebrate your life with fun and respect your culture.

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