Best restaurants in the world 2018 Food 

Best restaurants in the world 2018

Best restaurants in the world 2018 This is the most loved question for the food lovers if you love eating then this is the going to be an exciting article for you. Eating is the most essential part of our life and it will be more exciting when we eat at our favorite destination or at the place. There are many best restaurants are from the European countries, they are mainly from France, Italy and UK, these countries are the best in their business of food and restaurants. below are…

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digital-marketing Technology 

Wonderful Digital Marketing Stats, which are Absolutely Stunning

76% of People have the mindset that marketing has changed more in the past two years than it did in almost 50 years of time. The loading times of mobile are way behind the 2second target. Only 47% of users agree to the fact that mobile advertisers are providing a positive experience while 85% of mobile advertisers think the same. Out of the total digital ad spend by 2019, mobile will account for 72%. Within the last year, 60% of people have started using voice search. Google searches organic results…

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FACE YOUR FEAR by jyoti Verma Story 

FACE YOUR FEAR by jyoti Verma

What holds us back? Our fears, right? If we will jot down our biggest fears, then one thing will be common- the fear of being judged – the same cheesy lines- “Log Kya Kahenge?”. When I started getting clicked, I was so conscious of every eye staring at me even if they weren’t related to me. I don’t have a personal studio so Sunlight was the best source of light for clicking my pics. Initially, I used to go to my terrace, I preferred afternoon time so that fewer people…

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Peel-off-Mask Fashion 

6 Awesome Reasons Why You Should Try Peel-off Face Masks

There are huge varieties of skincare trends which changes with the change in time but peel-off face masks have been in the limelight for quite some time. The most important thing related to peel-off face masks is pampering your skin to get a flawless skin. And, when this happens to be right in the comfort of your own home similar to the professional spa experience, it isn’t that bad. Face masks are the most useful resource for tackling the worst of your skincare struggles whether you are dealing with stressed-out…

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5-Reasons-Why-Attending-a-Workshop-is-Essential-1 Technology 

5 Reasons Why Attending a Workshop is Essential

There are lots of instances when you have witnessed some advertisements related to workshops and thought to yourself that you would love to attend it. But every time such opportunities or instances occur every time you turn it down by some of the other excuses. There are lots of excuses some time the genuine ones and many times the ones which should have been avoided. Life is busy and it would always be, you will always have one or the other things to do along with time. It’s hard to…

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cheapest places to travel in india Travel 

Cheapest places to travel in india

Cheapest places to travel in india Cheapest places to travel in India, this is good to know which are the cheapest places in India to travel and this is a totally awesome experience when you travel to these places. Kasol This is one of the most favourite place for the mountain lovers from India and abroad. This place is known for its tourist, those are mostly from out of India, there are many good restaurants in kasol which provides you Indian and western food. This place is known for its…

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biker-travel Travel 

Bikers travel destinations in india

Bikers travel destinations in India Bikers travel destinations in India, this is today hot top for any biking or traveling lovers . India is known for its diversity and vast culture and this is like a heaven for the travel lovers. Now in India travelers are showing interest for the bikers travel destinations. Below are some of the awesome biking destinations in India. 1.Mumbai – Trivandrum This is one of the most beautiful places for the biking lovers 2.Manali – Leh Ladakh Manali – Leh Ladakh is one of the…

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Sustainable fashion Fashion 

Sustainable fashion in summer

Sustainable fashion in summer Sustainable fashion is always the first choice for the summer season and the best part of this , people are very much aware about what to wear in the summers season and this is good for the awareness about the fashion. Summmer is the best season to show your stylist look and be fashionable and most of the designers are makes most of their designs for the summer seasons , if we look for the history of fashion designing , then we see that their most…

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Summer wears to get trendy and sustainability Fashion 

Summer wears to get trendy and sustainability

Summer wears ,this is the best season to show your fashion and styling , because summers wears are most trendy and stylish than other seasonal clothes. Now this summer wear is now moving towards sustainability and most of the high fashion apparels are now n pure cotton or khadi, fashion designers now thinking about the fashion sustainability. Summer wears are getting trendy these days and people are getting more fashion conscious and they are also looking for sustainability, many international brands are now moving towards sustainable and recycled garments and…

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Hill stations Travel 

Hill stations to travel in india

Famous hill stations to travel Hill stations are the most faviourate places to travel if you want to stay away from hot summer and to see the real beauty of our nature. We are going to show you the most popular hill stations around India. India Darjeeling: This is one of the most faviourite hill station for the nort east or eastern people in India . This place is mostly known for its tea gardens and Darjeeling tea is very famous around the world , here you can get very…

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